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bada&bou is a German brand that was founded in 2019 by Olivia Herms, designer and mother of two.
bada&bou aims to create timeless, unique and irresistible play furniture for kids that enhance every interior - from  the kids to the living room.

When we started our life as a family I realized that there was a big need in long lasting and gender neutral toys and furniture for kids. Pieces that are beautifully designed, appeal to kids and their parents and therefore become long-lasting and beloved fellows. Pieces that are multifunctional and relevant throughout various ages and so lovely that they might stay for ever.

Our collection of beauties will bring creative play, movement, fun and sweet memories to your home and family.

Every animal incorporates one important movement (rocking, jumping or rolling) and invites to a creative and open play. These play buddies stimulate motor skills and create a positive sensorial environment where kids feel safe and can relax.

Design objects for kids and for life on a mission for a more sustainable family life style - always around to spread joy and the magic of childhood.



“I want to challenge the boundaries between furniture,
toys and design for kids for a pleasant home and
better tomorrow."

Portrait of Olivia Herms
Olivia Herms
Founder of bada&bou

Our overall focus is based on high quality materials, local production in Italy and timeless design to be appreciated by the entire family and for generations to come. Sustainability in terms of production but also longetivity and use.
All our badabous are available in the grey melange color. The fabric cover is a OEKO-TEX® 100 certified wool blend and has a soft and warm feeling.
The inside of the whale and the elephant are made of toxic free cold foam that encloses a structure and offers a soft and safe play. The rabbit contains an inflatable ABS ball for joyful bouncing and ergonomic seating.
Our production is all handmade in Italy!


Teaser for the blog with kid inside our large cotton bag

a bag full of inspiration & news

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