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Portrait of Designer OliviaHerms


I am Olivia and I am happy to share with you the adventure of my label bada&bou. This journey started some years ago when I became a mother for the first time.

Trained as an industrial designer I got to work for world famous designers and architects between France, Sweden and Germany. The furniture and objects I designed filled my life and thinking and surrounded me also at home. Munich became my chosen home where I was a project leader for world renowned Designer Konstantin Grcic.

Living a consciously reduced and sustainable lifestyle I was facing the challenge to find beautiful and long lasting objects that my children would love to play and live with. I wanted my children to have some things that they would value over time and that somehow would stay relevant. Something I would also feel happy to have around in our carefully designed home.

Since esthetics, quality and sustainability are values which are deeply rooted in my every day life I realized that I had to take matters in my own hands.... and started bada&bou.

Portrait of designer Olivia Herms as photographer



“I was dreaming of something that the whole family would be happy to have at home. Something big, something cozy and friendly - something like a pet that is always up for fun and cuddles - just happy to be around.“


Olivia Herms

Founder of bada&bou

Manufacturing of our play furniture collection in Italy

Our overall focus is based on high quality materials, sustainable production and timelessly elegant design to be appreciated by the entire family and for generations to come.

All our badabous are available in the grey melange color. The fabric cover is a OEKO-TEX® 100 certified wool blend and has a soft and warm feeling.

The inside of the whale and the elephant are made of polyurethane foam that encloses a structure and offers a soft and safe play. The rabbit contains an inflatable ABS ball for joyful bouncing and ergonomic seating.

We are proud to say that our small-batch production is all made in Italy!


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