For children of what age are the animals suitable

The rocking whale and the rolling elephant are suitable for children from 1 year. The jumping rabbit is suitable for children from 3 years of age. The children can play with the animals for a long time - into their teens and far beyond!

What weight do the animals tolerate?

The Rocking Whale and the Rolling Elephant are very resistant and can tolerate weight of older kids, as they are constructed like classical upholstery furniture - provided you treat them well. The Rocking Whale "ba" can be loaded with a weight of up to 50 kg. The Rolling Elephant "bou" can be loaded with a weight of 25-30 kg, provided that the weight is evenly distributed in the seating area.

The Jumping Rabbit "da" is delivered "flatpack". Is it easy to inflate?

The Jumping Rabbit is delivered "flatpack". A hand pump and an instruction leaflet are included in the package, so that you can easily inflate the rabbit on your own and adjust the air pressure if necessary.