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from 1 year on

It's this incredible age when our babies start crawing and walking, hungry und curious to discover the world and all the magic by themselves. Our toddlers and kids understand their environment by play with all their senses and our home becomes a very important and inspiring playground to nourish and accompany our little ones along this adventure.


When my daughter had this age I wanted her to have a safe and inspiring but also soothing environment where she can explore our entire homespace without limits and with all its shapes, textures, possible actions and movements.

I was dreaming about this lifetime friend that she could play and move with, cuddle and feel comfortable with... bigger than a plush toy and more personal than a piece of furniture for kids.

Soft and cute - something where she would feel in "good hands".

A play buddy that she can grow up with and that she will still love and relax with when she is older. A friend filled with good memories and the magic of childhood that will wander through your home from the kids' room to the living room, from the big sister to the little brother and why not the grandchildren...

"When love creates friendship for a lifetime."

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