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handmade in Italy

Handmade in Italy... this was my wish from the beginning. Working closely together with passionate craftsmen to realize our collection.


From my professional career as furniture / industrial designer and experience of about 20 years working together with high-end Italian manufacturers and furniture companies I knew that bada&bou will be in very safe and professional hands here.


From my first sketch to the first production batch took almost 3 years. It was a long but very rewarding process - in close collaboration with the craftsmen in order to test and evaluate shapes and function and define every single detail.

From the typical bada&bou sleepy eyes that are sewn by hand to the most resistant and perfectly balanced seams to (sometimes nearly invisible) details that guarantee smooth and safe rocking or rolling.

After several years working with the same family run manufacturers, thousands of satisfied customers and not even a handful of retoure (!) I'm convinced that it was the right path to take.
Local production and passionate craftsmen, who create our toys with love and care, equip our bada&bou animals with everything to enable wild play and soft cuddling for many years, and make them truly unique.

If you want to read more about sustainable design for kids read this Blog post.

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