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made to last

Being a young mother I was astonished how quickly our babies and toddlers change interest.
A toy that was incredibly exciting for some days was suddenly uninteresting and not worth a glimpse. We sometimes hardly manage to follow their quick development and insatiable curiosity. But fortunately there are these favorite cuddle toys that they have a special bond with that follow them along their adventure - being there forever.

Boy sitting inside the rolling elephant with big brother pulling him
Teenage girl sitting in the rolling elephant

I created these special soft toys in big. Of course gender-neutral & cute and ... every of them has its superpower! The whale can rock, the bunny can jump and the elephant can go on a ride. Offering a place to sit, relax and cuddle these play buddies stimulate not only motor development but nourish also sensorial wellbeing - offering babies and kids a place to feel comfortable and relax.
Having a 10 year old daughter nowadays I can confirm that she still relaxes on the whale, makes her homework sitting on the rabbit and sometimes even squeezes herself into her elephant.
Play furniture made to last in terms of materials and quality but also in terms of usability.
Most of us are happy to have beautiful and cherished objects that fill our home. And so it comes that these beautiful and timeless badabous will find their place in your family, changing rooms and family members... eventually staying forever - spreading the sweetness of childhood.

Toddler rocking on the whale with sister behind him
Kid bouncing with the jumping rabbit
Girl balancing on the rocking whale
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