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How can we create inspiring rooms that invite your toddlers and kids to move, play and relax?

We all know that children today generally get too little exercise. According to the WHO (World Health Organization) this figure is now as high as 80%. The reasons for this vary, but one thing is certain: children need plenty of exercise and free play for healthy physical and mental development.

As the two can be combined very well, it ultimately also depends on an environment that encourages movement and creativity. Especially now as winter approaches and more time is spent at home, this stimulating environment is all the more important.

Movement as a motor for healthy physical and mental development

Children need movement to develop their motor and sensory skills. It is a holistic development in which motor skills as well as emotional and social competences are learnt and form the basis of healthy personal development.

But how and where do we create these spaces at home?

The children's room as a fun playground and oasis of calm

Basically, a child's room should both stimulate and invite peace and quiet. The good news are that these two opposites can be skilfully combined. Here are some tips:

When it comes to the children's room, I have always attached great importance to a spacious and cosy rug. This space will certainly soon become indispensable in everyday life, as it can be used as a play area, a gym area, a work surface or even a lounging area.

Storage is an important issue as well. The storage options should be easily accessible but also so effective and discreet that the children's room visually breathes and radiates calm.

In addition, natural materials and beautiful art prints create a feel-good ambience and a personal touch.

When it comes to lighting, I would aim for as much daylight as possible during the day. In addition, smaller spot lights create cosy quiet zones that help to structure the room and help your kid to "wind down" in the evening.

Multifunctional elements create spaces for movement for the whole family

However, it is well known that it is not just the children's room that is used for play, but rather the entire home - which ultimately makes sense, as the children's room is sometimes too small for action and fun. And the older the kids get, the wilder their play can be. In recent years - partly due to coronavirus - the traditional boundaries between the children and living room have become increasingly blurred. So-called family spaces for everyone are emerging.

And this is exactly where our concept comes in. Our collection of play furniture is both a mobile movement toy and a timeless piece of design that can be moved around the house. The rocking whale in the children's room becomes a pouf in the living room, the rolling elephant that moves around as a children's vehicle can also become a mobile tidy-up box and the otherwise so wild jumping rabbit becomes an ergonomic sitting ball on which homework can be done.

As important as big fun and wild games is the invitation to relax

Last but not least, there should be places for your toddler and kid to relax. Small oases of peace and quiet and places where he can just "let himself go". This can be a large cushion or sofa - or a bada&bou, as they offer this valuable combination of movement and relaxation.

With our collection of activity toys, toddlers from the age of 1 can experience their first standing, sitting and perhaps even rocking and rolling moments. And these play animals are so soft and cute that they often become also their best friends to relax with. Because... everything exciting and learnt has to be processed mentally first. And what better way to do that than hanging out on the whale or relaxing in the elephant...?


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