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Montessori inspired play - free and independent

"Play is the work of the child." - Maria Montessori

This beautiful quote helps us to embrace the important role of play and reflect on it in all its diversity. It refers primarily to free play, which arises from a child's own interest and drive. Children explore their world through play - for this, the environment should be adapted to the child's natural interests and needs and support their development.


What are the natural interests and basic needs of children?


Natural interests of children are first and foremost active play and discovery - on the other hand, there is the need for rest and security - also to integrate what they have learnt.

It is not always easy to adapt the environment to this, as interests change quickly - especially at the beginning.


What can the collection of play furniture from bada&bou contribute?


When designing our bada&bou play furniture, it was important to us to create fixed anchor points in this dynamic environment and everyday life. To create Montessori-inspired toys that accompany our children from the very beginning, encourage free and independent play and are also used for years to come. In addition to that our soft, padded animals are both long-term playmates and soft toys that fulfil both: the need for movement and relaxation.


Why do our three play animals always remain interesting for your children?


This has to do with the fact that our play furniture animals, the rocking whale "ba", the hopping bunny "da" and the rolling elephant "bou" become loyal friends with whom you can have fun, play and also cuddle. On the other hand the movements of rocking, bouncing and rolling are basic movements that are important over the years and can be developed further when the child grows up. The rocking whale where kids learn to sit and rock may turn into a balancing board where they will ride on or beloved friend to hug and "hang out" with. The playful jumping bunny is then later used as seating ball for colouring or doing schoolwork.

In this way, they become multifunctional companions in everyday life.

Playmates that encourage free play and are very versatile in their uses for toddlers and older children, but also create a safe haven of peace and with which they can build up an emotional bond over the years. In short, this collection of play animals will enrich everyday family life and the home for many years to come with their cool design and joyful presence.


How can children's independence, which is an important aspect of Montessori education, be encouraged?


The basic prerequisite for independence is that the child's environment - be it toys or clothing - is freely accessible so that the child can act independently.

If a child's environment is designed for independent play, it naturally gives us as parents more time for ourselves. I have always dreamed of something that I would like to have in our living room and not have to put away. Something that my child (especially when they're still small) could play with while I'm resting, This is when bada&bou was born.

When children starts to get more mobile, they can push, roll or carry our play furniture around the house on their own. ba, da and bou will wander around and find their place in the nursery, kitchen or living room.

Our collection of activity toys is designed so that children can discover them intuitively and create a wide variety of play scenarios. In the spirit of Montessori pedagogy, they invite free play and movement and thus train cognitive and sensory skills.

Science repeatedly emphasises how important motor development is as a basis for physical and emotional well-being and thus also lays the foundation for self-efficacy, self-confidence and personality.


Our play animals are designed to fulfil children's instinct to discover the world through play. and encourage movement through rocking, jumping or rolling. At the same time, it is important to us to create a place that invites to calm for the children's active lives - a familiar friend that they can "hang out" with - also welcoming the softest cuddles.

And honestly... who wouldn't love to sit in an elephant listening to some good music or reading a good book...

Ba, da and bou - each of them very unique - but united in their hearts.


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